24th Nov, 2015

In honor of #BeatSC Week, we give you our lovely bonfire board! Watch it burn tonight at the Beat 'SC Bonfire Rally! :) #colesecrettalents #medleysart

19th Nov, 2015

After a month of learning and rehearsing, Medleys has finally started performing again! Yesterday, we had the distinction of co-hosting an a cappella concert/canned food drive with YOUTHphonics A Cappella. We always have a blast performing with our sister community-service a cappella group here at UCLA, and we managed to fill four whole boxes with cans! All the proceeds will go to the LA Regional Food Bank, just in time for the holidays! Also, a huge shoutout to Cadenza A Cappella, Resonance A Cappella, and Signature A Cappella for their wonderful performances and to everyone who came out and donated! Then, earlier today, we performed for the first time at the Veteran's Home of California in West LA. It was an honor performing for the brave men and women who have fought for our country, and definitely a great experience we'd love to repeat! And finally, we ended today with a few songs at the UCLA Farmer's Market. We always have a great time singing at the Farmer's Market, and today was no exception! It's been a hectic two days, but we're so glad to be back out in the community spreading the music we love! :D

17th Nov, 2015

It's the season of giving! Donate a can or non-perishable good and enjoy the harmonies of some awesome a cappella. Tonight @ 7:30 Kerckhoff grand salon!

16th Nov, 2015

*** drumroll please! *** IT'S MEDLEYS MONDAYS! This time, we have the soulful Rohan Luhar ^_^ Aside from singing Chet Faker and being an overall suave dude, Rohan is a talented dancer and has the best laugh EVER. Get to know more about Rohan! ♫♫♫♫♫ Nickname: Ro, Rohu, Brohan Spirit Food: Extra Spicy Red Curry Three things you can’t live without: Family, Friends, and Optimism (Sorry I ruined the alliteration) 1. What music chord describes you the best? ♫ I think crunchy chords, but I think I’m mainly choosing that because I like crunchy foods. However crunchy chords do bring a lot of depth and variety to our arrangements, and I may or may not be implying I bring the same qualities to my life and everyone around me. 2. Which warm-up during rehearsals is your favorite? ♫ I really like Motors, if that’s what they’re called! (Basically six random people are chosen and they each successively add either a bass line, beat, or harmony, and then the last person thinks of a song that fits in with the spontaneous “arrangement”). It’s really fun because it makes you think on your feet, and allows you to think of music in a more dynamic sense, which I think is really crucial to any kind of music in general. 3. If you had to choose between accordions for feet or a kazoo for a voice, which would you pick? ♫ I would definitely have accordions for feet. I wouldn’t want to stop singing normally, and I could always get a wheelchair to deal with the accordions. And if I learned how to play the accordion, I’d always have my instrument by my side…or on my leg, which would be very convenient. 4. Best place to study at UCLA? ♫ I can never study in one spot for too long because I always need a change in environment. However my favorite places I have gone to are Powell, and the second floor of Kerckhoff (with those heavenly reclining seats). 5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? ♫ I’m not one to try and predict where I’ll be in 10 years, but I do hope that I’ll be done with med school, have a wife (and children), be living somewhere exciting, and most importantly of all be happy!

9th Nov, 2015

It's that time of the week: Medleys Mondays! This time, we got Cole Tsang in the spotlight. ^_^ Cole is in his first year at UCLA and in Medleys. Get to know more about Cole! ♫♫♫♫♫ ♫ Nickname: Cole since Nicholas is my real name. Apart from boring nicknames though, Asian (Con)fusion since I'm half Asian and often ask questions ♫ Spirit food: Slow cooked short ribs ♫ Three things I can't live without: Running shoes, music, freedom to explore 1. If you could switch voice parts temporarily, which part would you like to sing? ♫ Sopranos because the melody and other things that baritones/basses never get 2. Which song is your favorite go-to workout song? ♫ "Burial," by YOGI 3. What do you look forward to during rehearsals? ♫ Nothing beats the shivers you get when singing with other amazing singers and all the harmonies line up. 4. Which Bruin tradition are you looking forward to the most this year? ♫ Dance Marathon at UCLA!!! 5. What makes you smile? ♫ Random acts of kindness or humor by strangers

2nd Nov, 2015

WELCOME TO MEDLEYS MONDAYS! ^_^ Every Monday through February, Medleys will feature one group member as a way for everyone to get to know who we are in a fun way :D Our first highlighted member is none other than the lovely Ellen Lawrence! For her third year in the group and at UCLA, this Soprano is now a Music Manager for Medleys. Catch her soloing on "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" or getting some ice cream around Westwood. ♫♫♫♫♫ ♫ Nickname: Melon ♫ Spirit Food: Any of the pumpkin spice flavored things from Trader Joe's ♫ Three things I can't live without: My bed, my phone, and my headphones 1. During rehearsals, which song do you look forward to singing the most? ♫ "Lovely Day", because the amount of positive energy that song releases from all of us when we sing it is incredibly uplifting :) 2. What are your favorite midterm munchies? ♫ The $9 large pizza after 9pm deal at Lamonica's. My roommates and I get that all the time and shove our faces while we study/cry. 3. Best #tbt song? ♫ Anything Destiny's Child, their music makes me feel invincible! 4. If you could only sing one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? ♫ "Love on Top" by Beyonce because I feel like that much practice with that song would make me the most amazing belter everrr 5. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? ♫ Don't waste energy stressing about the little things in life that aren't going to matter 10 years down the line.

1st Nov, 2015

Hey YOU. Yes, you ;) Check out our page TOMORROW for our first feature of Medleys Mondays! ^_^

14th Oct, 2015

This past Sunday, we had the honor of performing at AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Despite the heat, the energy of the event and the overall support from the walkers made this performance a memorable one! We wanted to congratulate the many walkers and supporters for all of their hard work-- cheers to raising $2.37 million! #aidswalkla

5th Oct, 2015

We are honored to officially announce the NEW MEMBERS of Medleys A Cappella! Get ready, UCLA—we have Brendon Daugherty, Mack Dimler, Austin Lee, Michael Sekerak, and Cole Tsang joining the family! Ready for another amazing year of a cappella with this new talent! #MedleysACappella

27th Sep, 2015

COOKIES FOR ALL... that audition! ^_^ Baking the 1st of 3 rounds of cookies for Medleys Auditions! See you at Schoenberg! :D

27th Sep, 2015

COOKIES FOR ALL... that audition! ^_^ Baking the 1st of 3 rounds of cookies for Medleys Auditions! See you at Schoenberg! :D

26th Aug, 2015

THE WAIT IS OVER!!! For those of you who weren't there, or if you just want to relive the magic all over again, the videos from our Spring Concert are finally up!

31st May, 2015

TODAY IS MEDLEY'S FINAL CONCERT WHOO, WHEE, YIPPEE YA YAY HOORAH!! Can't wait to see you all, hope y'all are as excited for this as we are! Never mind, that would be impossible because we are absolutely ecstatic about this. Please bring old, gently used clothing to donate to the Midnight Mission! :) Medleys=love=life <3 #loveforpeople #loveformusic #thatsMedleysMottobabyYOLO #doorsopenathalfpastsix #clothingdrive EVENT LINK:

4th May, 2015

We had so much fun performing and camping out at Relay For Life this past weekend and we can't wait for next year to come around! We also LOVED performing at the Homefulness Benefit Concert put on by Mobile Clinic Project at UCLA on Friday. Thank you so much for having us and doing so many amazing things for the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Community! Through this weekend, Medleys has learned so much about what it means to have a home and a community of amazing, supportive friends around us at UCLA. We are so thankful for all the love! To all our friends and family, May the 4th be with you! #keepthesmilesgoing #relayforlife #homefulnessbenefitconcert #mobileclinicproject #wealsomadetheUCLAcampussnapchat

2nd May, 2015

Come hang out with us at Relay for Life! Donate $3 to the cause and we'll sing to a person of your choice here on the track!

28th Apr, 2015

Hey friends! Medleys is performing at Relay for Life again this year and we would love to have your support! We shall be performing everythang in our repertoire at 11:30 PM in Drake Stadium- tell the people at the entrance that you are there to support Medleys and you should be good to go! Once you're in you will hear us too 🎵😘🎶 #loveforpeopleloveformusic #wewillalsobedoinglovenotesalldaysaturdayandsundayasafundraiser #signup #fightcancer #relayforlife2015 #favperformance

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