2nd Oct, 2016

We could not be more excited to introduce the newest members of the Medleys A Cappella family!! Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to Julia Simons, James Barton, Zack Zeoli, Yakout Mez, and Michaela Protenic! Bring on another exciting year of acamazing music! #medleys #UCLA #acappella

18th Sep, 2016

Another successful planning retreat in the bag as we prepare for the coming year of auditions and performances! Come check us out at Arts in the Union this Tuesday at 5:20 in the Ackerman Bruin View Room!

15th Sep, 2016

Come audition for Medleys A Cappella and get some free cookies!! Sign up at WEBSITE: YOUTUBE:

8th Sep, 2016

Thank you for the wonderful shoutout College A Cappella about our cover of Drop the Game by Chet Faker and Flume! This is a brand new arrangement written and soloed by our very own Rohan!

5th Jun, 2016

Susie took this video at our concert and sent it over for us! Enjoy! Love you all!

30th May, 2016

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Medleys would like to honor all of the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect our country. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 We hope you had a wonderful weekend! For our last Medleys Mondays, we have our very own alto/unicorn lover/senior Desiree featured ☺️ Make sure to catch her and Medleys this FRIDAY @ 7pm for their ~final concert~! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Nickname: Dez, Desi, Big D, Carla, Ezerz, Ezez ♫ Spirit Food: Spam masubi (yesssssss 😍) ♫ Three things I can't live without: my family (blood and non-blood), cats, and Ralph's 1. Which song do you have to listen to when walking to class? ♫ Literally, "Not Butter," by Dillon Francis is THE song. It's got the right tempo to storm up Bruin Walk. Plus, #dad. 2. Describe a fond Medleys memory. ♫ During my first Medleys retreat, our music directors suggested we sing outside even though the elevation was insanely high. Even though Big Bear was super cold and we weren't used to breathing at that elevation, we huddled together and powered through "If I Go." The singing exercise was a struggle but I think the joint struggle made it that much more meaningful. YAY FOR STAGGERED BREATHING. 3. 11/10 would recommend...? ♫ Going to Medleys Final Concert THIS FRIDAY! ❤️😉 4. What song do you wish you sang with Medleys? ♫ "Just Ask," by Lake Street Dive. So many feels-- it's heart wrenching and I am 174% sure we have the ability to perform that song super well. Call me a sap, but yeah, that song FOR SURE. 5. As a senior, what do you hope Medleys experiences in the upcoming years? ♫ First of all, I'm in denial of leaving LOL. But what I wish more than anything for Medleys is for them to continue growing in their sound and to step out of their comfort zone. I see so much potential and I believe Medleys can only get better from here. I have mad love for these musicians and I know they will accomplish great things in the near future. I love you, Medleys! *cue the alumna tears*

23rd May, 2016

Medleys wishes you a happy Monday! ^_^ After coming back from St. John's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House yesterday, our gigs and appearances have come to an end for this school year. But not to worry-- we still have our final concert AND Medleys Mondays! Today, we have our very own Sam Duffy featured! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Nickname: Mom, Sam ♫ Spirit Food: Sundubu (It's spicy, yet comforting) ♫ Three things I can't live without: My passion planner, pencil pouch, and Google Calendar 1. As this year’s co-music director, what has been the greatest part of leading Medleys A Cappella? ♫ The best part of co-directing Medleys has been seeing the progress we have made as a group throughout the year. I love coming to rehearsal, working on something with the group, and getting a big improvement in our sound the next time we meet. 2. What do you think is the best aspect of the a cappella community? ♫ The a cappella community, especially at UCLA, is a uniquely inclusive and supportive environment. I love having other groups encourage and inspire us to be better and to able to support them when they inevitably rock it at every event! Shoutout to everyone who performed at Spring Sing this year! 3. Give us two truths and a lie. ♫ I met James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, at a performance of The Wiz at UCSD. I'm studying to become an EMT Lie: I'm 6 feet tall. 4. If you could describe your final year at UCLA with one song, what would it be? ♫ Whatever the theme song for the Flash is, because this year went by SO quickly! 5. What advice would you give to incoming students who want to audition for a cappella next year? ♫ Keep an open mind. All of the groups on campus are great and you'll end up where you belong-- it's aca-destiny!

9th May, 2016

Hello there! Medleys just got back from an a-cappella-filled weekend and want to share what we've been up to! ♫ May 6, 2016 ♫ On Friday, we were invited by the Mobile Clinic Project at UCLA to perform for the Fight Homelessness Benefit Concert. We enjoyed learning more about the services provided by the organization and loved listening to fellow a cappella groups and performers, hearing touching testimonials, and learning more from the Mobile Clinic Project at UCLA. ♫ May 7, 2016 ♫ Emerson Community Charter School's A Cappella Jam 2016 was AWESOME! Medleys had such a fun time collaborating with Treble Tones, ScatterTones, Bruin Harmony, Resonance A Cappella, Signature A Cappella, and Random Voices for "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Special thanks to Nina Kasuya, Jeremy Bollinger, and David Christopher-Harris for putting on the second annual A Cappella Jam! ♫ May 8, 2016 ♫ Last, but certainly not least, Medleys ended our weekend singing at the Downtown Women's Center. Every Mother's Day, Medleys visits Downtown Los Angeles to sing to the women of the center. Words cannot describe how much joy and fun we had giving our music our all yesterday to such lovely and powerful women. We will be sure to keep this tradition alive and visit in future Mother's Days!

2nd May, 2016

Hello, May! Medleys is stoked for this month! To start this month off, we have the wonderful Kera Kwan this week for our Medleys Mondays series! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Nickname: kee kee, queera ♫ Spirit food: I'm really bad at these but I took an online quiz today and got "wholesome pasta." ♫ Three things you can't live without: a planner, cute animals, and dessert 1. Besides singing, what do you do in your free time? ♫ I like to run, do yoga, explore new restaurants in LA, cook, shop, browse Reddit, and spend time with my friends and boyfriend. 2. What artist/performer do you revere most? ♫ Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes. She taught herself to play several instruments, and when you watch her perform you can really tell she just LOVES what she does and is doing music for all the right reasons. Seriously! Go watch some of Alabama Shakes' live performances on YouTube. 3. What is one thing you have not done at UCLA that you would like to do before you graduate? ♫ I have a few! Go tunneling, attend the Word on Wednesdays, and see a gymnastics meet, to name some. 4. Would you give up your voice to the sea witch or give up your legs for a tail to the sea witch? ♫ I love talking and singing, but I also love running/being active. I guess if I would have to choose I'd rather give up my legs because I feel like modern technology is more geared to mobilize me physically rather than vocally? I guess Stephen Hawking's speaking technology is a thing, but it's probably really expensive. 5. What or who cheers you up? ♫ Music, chocolate, family, my dog Simon, nail polish, Trader Joe's samples, Medleys, flowers, yoga, coffee, holidays, carbs, getting packages in the mail, wine, shopping, and lastly, a great bowel movement.

25th Apr, 2016

Medleys A Cappella wishes you a happy Week 5! ^_^ We are so happy after a fulfilling Relay for Life this past weekend. We want to thank Colleges Against Cancer for putting on such a great event and for inviting us to sing after the Luminaria Ceremony. We have one of our fearless leaders Ben Chan for this week's installment of Medleys Mondays! :) ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Nicknames: Ben, Bean, Ben 10, Bench, Bento, Benji, Benny Boy, Ben-jammin, Bchan, Bchansta, Ben-hameen, Bennison ♫ Spirit Food: Fries, because I'm lazy and unhealthy but also because I'm always around if you need comforting ♫ Three things you can't live without: Food, friends, and my PC 1. Superheroes or villains? ♫ I've always found villains more interesting than heroes because of how nuanced their characters can be and their necessary role in shaping the hero's character. They also tend to have cooler powers, too! 2. Where would we most likely find you on a sunny, Saturday afternoon? ♫ Since sunlight and socializing are my mortal enemies, probably inside playing video games or watching TV. 3. What is your favorite thing about your major? ♫ What I really enjoy about Neuroscience is how much it has changed the way I see everyday actions and behaviors. I'm sure everyone in Medleys has gotten real tired of Kera and me talking about why and how their brains help them do things xD 4. If you had the chance to perform a duet with a famous singer, who would it be and why? ♫ Probably Avi Kaplan from Pentatonix, because he's an amazing bass and I'd love to learn as much as I could from him! 5. As music director, what do you think has been the most rewarding part of leading Medleys A Cappella? ♫ I'm extremely proud and honored to have seen and influenced the incredible growth Medleys has been through over the past year, but I think the most credit goes to everyone else in the group for pouring their hearts and souls into our music and being the amazing singers and people they are, and I'm honestly just happy I get to sing with them every week!

11th Apr, 2016

Happy Week 3! :D We would like to thank Random Voices for hosting the 15th Annual California A Cappella Festival! We had a blast performing for the day and night shows. This week, we have bassist Mack Dimler featured for our Medleys Mondays! ^_^ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Nickname: Mack, Kenz, Kenzie, Big Mack, Mack Attack, Mackey, there are far too many options with my name Spirit Food: I would be Mac'n'cheese because yeah Three things I can't live without: My friends, music, and my bed 1. If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be and why? ♫ I would want to be a phoenix. Phoenixes have the ability to be reborn in the ashes of their previous life. I think it would be amazing to have the option to be reborn and try again after the inevitable failures in life. Also phoenixes are absolutely stunning creatures and have gorgeous voices. Also they can fly. Also fire is pretty cool. 2. Describe yourself using only 4 nouns. ♫ This was actually a hard question. I'd have to say Bow tie, Bass, Giant, and Bruin. 3. What is one fact about you that not a lot of people know? ♫ Most people don't know that I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do! I haven't been doing it for a really long time but I did it for about 6 years or so before high school. 4. If you could live in one building on UCLA campus for the rest of your life, where would it be? ♫ Royce Hall has always had a special place in my heart. I love the stage and the whole building just really has a great feel to me. Whenever I walk by the building I feel a sense of pride for the amazing school that I go to. 5. As a musician, what have you learned by being a part of Medleys A Cappella? ♫ Joining Medleys A Cappella in my fourth year of school here has left a really wonderful lasting impression on my life as a musician. When we sing together, it's easy to see that everyone in the group can really feel the music and is doing everything they can to portray it through their own voice. Everyone in the group knows that I'm a total sap for this aspect of music, but I was never really able to connect to music on this level before joining Medleys. I had always heard of the emotional part of music and how important it is in a performance but I had never really been able to portray what I was feeling until I joined Medleys. Basically, Medleys has shown me exactly what it feels like to sing with love and passion and emotion in my music and in my heart.

4th Apr, 2016

This past weekend, Medleys stood on their feet for 26 hours in the fight against pediatric HIV/AIDS! We also had the opportunity to perform during the 'Murica theme shift at Dance Marathon! We would like to thank the Pediatric AIDS Coalition at UCLA for all of their hard work and give a special shoutout to all of the people who donated to this cause. Although we're pretty sore and tired, we will always treasure the memories this event has given us :) #UCLADM2016 #loveformusic #loveforpeople #forthekids #forthecure

28th Mar, 2016

HELLO, EVERYONE! Medleys is excited and refreshed after a wonderful Spring Break! We have Michael Sekarek starting our Medleys Mondays series for Spring Quarter ^_^ Get to know more about Michael! :D ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Nickname: None (maybe Sexcarrot) Spirit food: Pesto Three things you can't live without: Music, food, friends 1. Describe your first year of Medleys in one word. ♫ Family 2. If you were required to wear flip flops everyday or shorts everyday, which would you pick and why? ♫ This is a horrible question for me because I rarely go anywhere without both. If I had to choose I would say shorts because I'll do anything to avoid wearing pants on a hot day and no pants are the best pants by far. 3. What moment in Medleys stands out to you the most? ♫ My most memorable moment in Medleys (#alliteration) would definitely have to be when we sang at the Veterans Center. We asked this little old man if we could sing a Bill Withers song to which he responded with "Who?" Then we said we were going to sing "Lovely Day" and he just started singing the song on his own. When we started singing he sat in his chair and danced along with us with a big grin on his face. It was amazing how music was able to transform his whole mood and brighten up his day. 4. How are you feeling about dancing with Medleys as a Dancer Captain for Dance Marathon 2016? ♫ I could not be more excited to take on the role as the captain of Team LIME for this year's Dance Marathon, and it means so much to me that Medleys will be dancing alongside! I also know I can count on them to help me along too because that is just the kind of enthusiastic and caring group of people they are. I definitely couldn't do this without them! 5. What has being a part of this group taught you? ♫ Being a part of Medleys has helped me find the balance and harmony in my own life. I know that no matter what kind of day I have been having up to rehearsal, it will always get better after being with the rest of the group. We know how to have fun together or when we just need some type of support. This group has really come together as a family this year and I can't wait to see where Spring Quarter takes us!!

14th Mar, 2016

Hey, UCLA! Medleys A Cappella wishes you luck this Finals Week! ^_^ We have Mr. Aaron Fish here for our last Medleys Mondays this quarter! Study well and have a safe/fun Spring Break! :) ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Nickname: Fish, Fishboy if you are Josh Briggs Spirit food: Cheese (I'm pretty sharp, with both highbrow and lowbrow humor, but I'm getting better with age) Three things you can't live without: Music, my friends, and a sketchbook for doodles. 1. If you were an inanimate object, what would you be and why? ♫ I would be a piano. Versatile, and sounds different depending on who is playing, but always adding a beautiful tone. 2. Which fictional character do you identify with most? ♫ I would say I relate most to the unnamed protagonist from the movie Once. He is a musician, and finds music as a way to express the things he can't just say. He's very compassionate, a little afraid to take risks, and he's pretty dorky at times too. 3. What has been the coolest class you've taken at UCLA? ♫ Coolest class is definitely the Stop-Motion animation workshop I did Junior Year. A lot of time and work but also just so rewarding, and so much fun! 4. In your 4-year membership in Medleys, what has been your greatest improvement as a musician? ♫ While I have learned a lot more about technique and tone details since I've been in Medleys, I'd say my greatest improvement has been seeing just how much music can affect the lives of others, and working to share that through my music. 5. If you could give freshman-year-Aaron advice, what would you tell him? ♫ Don't get stuck on a path just to see it through; instead, look at what you really want and don't be afraid to take risks to achieve it! Have goals, dreams, and strive for something. And keep making the most of every moment you can, college will be over WAY too soon.

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